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Lightweight, versatile cobot

The UR5e is the larger of our two light payload industrial collaborative robots. For applications that require a small-sized cobot with sufficient reach and payload, the UR5e will help you perform precise, meticulous tasks.

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The cobot that started it all

First released in 2008, the e-Series version of a 5 kg (11 lbs) payload cobot received improvements in technology and continues on its path to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of applications.

The UR5e is ideal for those who require a cobot light enough to be mounted into your existing production line (for example on a table or within a machine). Matching your need to lift light to medium sized objects, the UR5e reaches 200 mm further than an average worker’s arm. This comes in handy when items need to be placed within machines or a task needs to be completed outside the reach of your employees.

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Additional information

Weight 20.6 kg

850 mm


5 kg


149 mm


18.4 kg

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