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About Industrial Robotics Advanced Australian Engineering

Industrial Robotics works to maximise efficiency, safety, and your competitive advantage in the market.

We are committed to develop a more innovative, globally competitive industrial manufacturing sector. That’s why our team built – to supply high quality, next generation products and services that benefit industry.

Industrial Robotics works with our customers to achieve the goal of a strong Return on Investment. Beyond the bottom line, this means improving productivity, safety, machine accuracy, and product quality for each manufacturer.

​Our range of advanced technology includes quality off the shelf products as well as smart system packages that are fit for use across the value chain in construction, manufacturing, marine, mining, logistics, and more. Plus, our team understands regional customers. Ongoing product, servicing, and skills support is available.

Industrial Robotics can be your automation partner. Discover the Industrial Robotics difference here.

The smart factory is labelled the factory of the future, but in reality these systems are largely available and being applied successfully now. There are key factors that define smart factories, with upskilled staff and robotics process automation RPA being key. Supporting RPA is the industrial internet of things IIOT, which is software integration of various sensors and equipment. IIOT allows a central operator to oversee the functioning, decision making, and output of factory machinery.

For manufacturers to remain a competitive force in the marketplace, factory automation has become a necessary investment. Return on investment is highly profitable within a few short years of making Industry 4.0 advanced manufacturing upgrades.

Advanced Australian Engineering can design, build, and deliver it - in full and on time with Industrial Robotics.