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Ultra-lightweight, compact cobot

The UR3e is the smallest industrial collaborative robot arm in our portfolio. Benefit from its compact form when automating processes in tight workspaces, such as on bench-tops or within production machinery.

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Down to the smallest detail

Due to its small size, the UR3e is the ideal definition of a collaborative, industrial robot. Designed to optimize efficiency in confined workspaces, the UR3e offers unmatched flexibility and precision. While the cobot can be mounted on a table working side-by-side with employees, it can also be integrated within a separate workstation for solutions including picking, assembling, and placing parts.

With its small footprint and lightweight design, the UR3e seamlessly integrates into any production environment, complementing human workers and maximizing productivity. This cobot is equipped with cutting-edge safety features, ensuring safe collaboration between humans and machines.

Enhance your operations, improve quality, and stay ahead of the competition with this compact automation solution.

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Additional information

Weight 11.2 kg

500 mm


3 kg


Ø 128 mm


11.2 kg

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