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Mechanical Engineer

The role of mechanical engineer asks you to join in the lifecycle of a product or project.  Beyond analysing problems, you may be key to getting the dimensions and tolerance, designing for large scale systems or drafting  bespoke parts. Create pre-project and post-project documentation. Develop and test prototypes. Oversee a manufacturing process.

Role Requirements

  • Mechanical design CAD drawing skills (SOLIDWORKS)
  • Prior use of project management systems e.g. JIRA, GANTT Charts
  • The ability to assemble and test custom hardware
  • Knowledge of motor control and mathematical modelling of practical physical systems
  • Experience with the use of mechanical tools

SOLIDWORKS Requirements

  • Ability to create parts, assemblies, and drawings
  • Ability to create various configurations for a part or assembly
  • Knowledgeable on geometric dimensioning and tolerancing
  • Be able to use “Design Library” in SOLIDWORKS